Content Writer

Job Category: Content Writer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Boston

The Public Interest Network

The Public Interest Network’s Creative Team seeks a person to write, edit, proofread and otherwise create content that makes an impact. Our team wins support for a forward-looking environmental and public interest agenda by messaging, packaging and amplifying the organizations in our network and their campaigns.

We are looking for a smart, inspired and hard-working candidate to join our team and tell the stories of PIRG, Environment America and other groups in our network, through web articles, email alerts and more. This position requires exercising discretion and independent judgment in making decisions in matters of significance.

Some of the things you will do

  • Connect: Work with our network’s state and program teams, learn our issues and campaigns, and keep on top of the action, progress and results.
  • Tell stories: Write, edit and proofread stories that capture attention and motivate, excite, persuade and enlighten.
  • Market stories: Reach and motivate our list to take action and donate via email. Reach and expand our list of followers through articles and other web content, and promote that content via social media.
  • Get and stay organized: Come up with a plan that puts you in a position to deliver content that makes an impact. Manage your time and keep track of your progress. Organize the team of people you need to take your work from concept to completion.
  • Get training and direction: Practice and perfect your craft. Learn new skills. Get direction up front, editorial feedback throughout, and an evaluation at completion. Keep getting better at what you do.

Why you’ll be great for it

  • You’re a strong writer who has written not only academic papers, but also news articles, opinion columns, blogs, campaign content and/or fundraising appeals.
  • You’re a clear thinker who can quickly get your head around an issue, sniff out a good story, give it structure, stay on-message, and plan your way from Point A to Point Z.
  • You’re a voracious consumer of news and political content. You not only know what our network is doing, but you understand the context because you’re on top of the news on our issues, politics and the players, including other advocates and activists.
  • You’re a student of communication. You understand how to tell stories differently in a tweet versus a 7-minute long-read, and how to make text and visuals work synergistically.
  • You’re creative, dynamic and ambitious. You’re a firehose of new ideas. You can think your way around problems. You adapt well to changing circumstances and new developments. You want to achieve more today than you did yesterday.
  • You’re organized. You have excellent judgment and the ability to oversee significant projects.
  • You’re driven to change the world. The planet needs saving, and you’re ready to help save it. You believe we can organize our lives to be healthier, safer and less wasteful, and you’re ready to do your part to make it happen. You’re looking for a calling, not just a job.
  • You’re experienced. You have a track record of getting things done.

Bonus points

These skills aren’t required, but they sure come in handy.

  • Design stuff: Do you know Canva? Adobe Creative Suite?
  • Data stuff: Can you explain statistical significance and medians v. averages? Are you able to turn raw data into a chart that looks cool and communicates something meaningful? Are you a Google Sheets wizard?
  • Creative stuff: Are you a good photographer, illustrator or videographer?
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