Senior Copywriter

Job Category: Copywriter
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Boca Raton - FL


We are looking for an experienced, innovative senior copy writer who is passionate about creating breakthrough work in the health care space.

This person must be dedicated to helping the agency, its teams and its clients Inspire Greatness and bring better health to more people.

As a Senior Copywriter, you’re a master of the writing trade, adept at punctuation, style, and grammar. You can write short, punchy headlines, relatable dialogue and long-form body copy.

You can also think visually and dream up high-concept ideas. You will partner directly with art directors as well as your Creative Director, creating captivating and inspirational integrated campaigns that are strategically sound. You are driven by the opportunities to make a difference and you tend to take risks. You’re a natural storyteller who can make your audiences laugh, cry, and experience every emotion in between.

You know how to get into the heads of your specific target audiences and understand how to communicate with them in a consumer-centric way—whether they be actual consumers or the employees of our clients.


  • Compelling storyteller in every space
  • Deep understanding of consumers and how to move them
  • Master of communication in both the written and spoken word.
  • Exceptional concept generation
  • Creative problem solving in any medium
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Partnership with other departments to integrate creative ideas into a full campaign
  • Partnership with outside vendors to ensure creative quality
  • Any other duties/responsibilities will be addressed as they arise and are needed


  • 5+ Years Ad Agency Experience
  • Student of advertising
  • Adept Grammarian
  • Portfolio required
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