Technical Content Writer

Job Category: Technical Writer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Berlin - Germany


We are launching a new Infrastructure-as-Code Cloud Asset Management Platform built on top of our popular open-source tool Terramate. Terramate Cloud will enable teams to manage and observe all their cloud assets, automatically import and codify non-IaC managed assets, and detect and resolve drifts to prevent service failures.

We are seeking a talented, remote Technical Content Writer with a strong focus on Terraform to join our team. As a Technical Content Writer, you will be responsible for creating high-quality, engaging, and informative content related to Terraform, an infrastructure-as-code tool widely used in the DevOps and cloud computing domain.


  • Strong knowledge of Terraform: In-depth understanding of Terraform and its core concepts, including resource provisioning, infrastructure-as-code, and cloud provider integrations. Hands-on experience using Terraform to manage infrastructure is highly desirable.
  • Exceptional writing skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to write clearly, concisely, and engagingly.
  • Technical aptitude: Ability to grasp complex technical concepts quickly and explain them in a simple and accessible way to different audiences. Familiarity with related technologies such as cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud), infrastructure automation, and containerization is a plus.
  • Research and learning mindset: Proven ability to research, learn, and stay up to date with emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to translate technical information into user-friendly content.
  • Collaboration and teamwork: Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams, subject matter experts, and stakeholders. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Attention to detail: Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency in the content. Strong editing and proofreading skills to review and improve existing content.
  • Portfolio and samples: A portfolio of written work, such as technical articles, blog posts, documentation, or other relevant content, is highly desirable.


  • Documentation for Terramate CLI and Terramate Cloud: Own the content creation process for all relevant documentation in Terramate CLI and Terramate Cloud in strong collaboration with our engineering team.
  • Content planning and strategy: Participate in content planning and strategy discussions to identify relevant topics, target audience, and content distribution channels. Contribute innovative ideas for expanding the reach and impact of the technical content.
  • Content optimization: Optimize content for search engines (SEO) by incorporating relevant keywords and best practices for on-page optimization. Ensure content is properly formatted, structured, and visually appealing to enhance readability and user experience.
  • Documentation maintenance: Update and maintain existing documentation, guides, and resources as Terraform evolves, ensuring that they remain accurate and up to date.
  • Feedback and revisions: Solicit feedback from internal stakeholders and external users to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of the content. Incorporate feedback and revise content accordingly.

About Our Process

The interviewing process contains the following stages:

  • Introduction Call (~30 min. Introduction of the company and initial get to know each other)
  • Tech (60 min. High-level Q&A with a focus on IaC, Cloud and content planning and writing process)
  • Home Assignment (Write an article about Terramate)
  • Leadership (meet the founders)
  • Offer Call (30 min. Discuss your package and career plan)
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