Dan Koe Quotes – “The art of Focus”

Happiness is the feeling derived from: 

  • Doing something (making progress) 
  • Doing nothing (at peace)

Most people are unhappy because they’re stuck in the middle. They focus on their thoughts instead of reality.

2. The answer is you.

  • Self-experimentation
  • Self-education
  • Self-reflection
  • Self-mastery
  • Self-reliance
  • Self-sustenance
  • Self-development

        If you can learn, test, pursue, overcome, persist, iterate, and take absolute responsibility for the outcome of your life – you become free.

3. The future-proof skill stack:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and sales 
  • Writing and thinking
  • Technical know-how 
  • Personal interests

If you can cultivate, create, and distribute value – I find it hard to believe you can be replaced

4. Thanks to the decentralized education system being built in front of our eyes (creators on social media teaching paths they’ve gotten results in) you can quickly learn relevant skills that allow you to adapt to the changing career landscape. Don’t get distracted from that power.

5. It’s incredible that you can become top 10% in the skills that allow you to control your future with 6-12 months of obsessive learning and building on the internet. Enough so that you can make a living from it (without investing more than a few hundred dollars, if any).

6. Social media is a testing ground for ideas that shape society.
7. Choosing to do nothing with your life is the same as choosing decay. You don’t stand still. Little tasks and responsibilities pile up until you are drowning in a web of problems that seems impossible to escape.
8. If you don’t get the same joy out of something as simple as music, the gym, or being out in nature, you probably don’t realize how stressed you are. You also don’t realize that taking a bit more rest will bring more results to whatever is stressing you out.

9. Creativity isn’t about fancy designs or artistic abilities. It’s about achieving any goal with the knowledge and skill available to you. Everyone is creative, but most people forget they have the power to achieve anything they want in life.

10. All it takes is a moment of recognition to snap out of a bad mood that is hurting everyone involved.

11. It takes 1 second to build a new habit if you are absolutely fed up with where you are.

12. The habits of the 1%:

  • Self-education
  • Self-experimentation
  • Adding to their skill stack
  • Solving meaningful problems
  • Writing, speaking, and thinking
  • Creating and distributing value
  • Taking time for psychological recovery

Become high-value

13. Everyone is motivated by money until they have enough to make space for meaning.

14. Your niche is what’s important to you. 

  • Teach about it 
  • Explain its benefits 
  • Dissect it as much as you can

Don’t limit yourself to one thing. Obsess over the crevices of reality that make life worth living and share that passion with the world.

15. How I structure my day: 

  • 1 hour to build a new project 
  • 2 hours to maintain old projects –
  • 1 hour for spill-over tasks –
  • Walks sprinkled in between to learn, generate ideas, and organize my thoughts for those projects.

A lean body, mind, and business is the result

16. Every morning: Phone off.

One future-building project in front of you. Do not do anything else until your priority tasks are done for the day. It only takes one hour a day to build the thing that will change your life.

17. Study human nature, then study whatever you want
18. The quickest way to change where you end up is to finally realize that a comfortable life is much more uncomfortable than an uncomfortable life.

19. If you’re lost, learn.

When you have direction, act.

Make mistakes. Be embarrassed. Create a giant mess so you have something to improve. And when you feel lost, repeat the process. You don’t need more advice, you need more experimentation

20. Entrepreneurship is an extension of yourself. It is the distribution of your value. It is your vessel into the unknown. It is your protection against replacement. It is your nature to create, give, and survive. Realize this and you will find purpose.

21. Simple:

Increase value

  • Never stop learning 
  • Never stop building 
  • Never stop iterating

Distribute value

  • Think, write, and speak daily
  • Teach what you learn in public
  • Turn your journey into a product

The secret you’re looking for is to stop standing still.

22. In a world where overwork is expected, pleasure is instant, and responsibilities are endless, nobody is going to give you the time. You must take it.

23. Saturation is an excuse for the incompetent.

24. I say this with confidence.

You will never get it right the first time. This should be obvious, but we’re often under the delusion that we need to get it right so we don’t look stupid.

You are only stupid if you never look stupid (of if you look stupid and never improve).

25. The greatest mistake is not making any mistakes.

26. Ditch perfectionism.

Build fast. Make mistakes. Take more shots. Give yourself something to improve. Stop worrying when nobody is watching. You think you’re fighting other’s opinions when you’re just a slave to your own.

27. It’s pretty simple.

Whenever I feel like shit, it’s because I’ve stopped putting as much effort into the development of health, fitness, relationships, intelligence, or business. No amount of worrying is going to fix a problem solved by doing.

28. Most of your “I don’t have time” problems can be solved by waking up an hour earlier (and not complaining about why you can’t).

29. Brilliant minds:

  • Never stop learning 
  • Push into new experiences 
  • Always have something to build

Mediocre minds:

  • Always take the easy route
  • Stop learning after graduation
  • Get trapped in robotic routines

You’re either growing or dying, no in between.

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